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The Reencounter with Ourselves


The Reencounter with Ourselves

With simple exercises we will discover that we are powerful beings and we have a great strength within our heart, which will help us achieve the goals that we have

If someone asks what our favorite colors are, our favorite food or our preferred music we are able to answer fluently, but if what we want to know is the answer to “Who am I really?” it is possible that we are not going to be able to find it with the same easiness.

First we can answer with our general data, like our name, our nationality or our profession, however that is only a limited part of the infinity which we are and that we have not set ourselves to deeply investigate it.

This is why it is so important to start a sincere dialogue with ourselves, it is required each day to give ourselves a moment to analyze who we really are, always searching for honest answers, because that is what we need.

The first steps

It is true that the self-inquiring us something usual for some, but it is also true that when certain questions are made the first thing that comes is the fear to answer honestly.

The best way to do it is to first ask ourselves about anything and to answer it, the first answer is not going to be real, it is not entirely honest.

Then we need to ask ourselves again, although that answer is not going to be the true one either, but it is now close.

It is time to ask ourselves again and now we will see how that third answer is different and that we can trust it more than the past ones.

With this we will realize how many layers we have and that not always our heart is the one that answers.

We can even get to ten different answers without knowing which the real one is, and if it is so, then we need to keep asking ourselves until we feel satisfied with the answer.

This is an exercise that helps us to activate our inner being, by which it is necessary to practice it as much as possible. For instance, we can begin to get used to do it before going to sleep.

In that moment we can ask ourselves from deep matters like “Who do I believe I am? What do I think that life has destined for me?, to daily matters like “Am I happy with this job or do I have to do something else?”.

When we do this, little by little we are going to realize that there are many faces of ourselves that we do not know about, which will lead us to see that we do not really know who we are.

Writing clarifies

Another way to keep getting near to the knowledge of our interior is to have a kind of diary. What we can do is to write all of our life as if it was not ours.

All our life without thinking it is ours, to write it in third person.

Later we are going to realize things that we did not even know that we had or we are going to see them from another point of view.

That is going to help us to get to know ourselves, to know who is within our heart and which are the real needs of our soul. (See “Big questions”).

In addition, another exercise that we can do is to see each step that we make, each thing we do, we have to feel how our arms move, how our body is so magical that the energy for anything that we want to do comes from it.

It is very important for us to be aware how we move, how we think, how ideas come to us and which are these, so that we can see which are the keys and enter more easily towards our inner being.

An unexpected encounter

The Masters of Wisdom, since ancient times, have put effort into guide us to encounter our true being and nowadays they keep trying, as we can see in this anecdote that Master Nintancito told me.

“Once I was next to a man that did not know that I was a Master, like you call us, and I approached him.

“I knew him perfectly, but he did not know me. I sat down next to him and said: ‘What would you think of a person that is like this, that feels like this, that is with his family like this other way, that likes this other things, etc.’ which corresponded entirely to the description of himself.

“He answered”, said Nintancito, “that he would think that it was a good person, a wonderful one”, even when this man precisely was regretting that he lacked of everything when suddenly Nintancito sat down next to him.

“Oh, so you think that this person is wonderful?”, the Master asked him, “but, what can you advise me to tell him because he is not happy with his life?”.

Then the man answered with amazement: “Well tell him that how is it possible, that there are many of us that really do not have anything. How is it possible? There are some people that just do not know what they have. I really do not have anything”.

In that moment Nintancito said good bye to that person, but before he said: “That friend of mine and that person is you, I cannot tell you more. You have a whole wonderful life, make good use of it and enjoy it”, and without saying anything else he left.

The man did not know what was happening, but that helped him to change his life because he analyzed what the strange elder man told him.

And so he realized that it was really him and that he had all what he wanted and needed to be happy and feel fortunate.

But it is an anecdote that illustrates us that we do not know who we are, that if someone comes and narrates us our life we are not going to realize that they are talking about us.

We possess an enormous potential

Once we have done these exercises and reflections we will realize that within ourselves there is much more, what in potency, in power and strength of God we are.

We will discover that we are powerful beings, and that we have a great strength within our heart, which will help us achieve all the goals that we have.

“It is not so important what you are going to do in your life, but rather how much are you going to enjoy what you do, how happy are you going to be with what you will do with your life. That is what we need to focus in”, Nintancito always says.

It is very important for us to make those discoveries if we feel that we can give more or that we can do more in life.

Any small curiosity that we have towards something we must follow it, to see where does it take us, because maybe behind that curiosity, that maybe we only think it is a liking, is found what can lead us towards the fulfillment that we all look for.

What would we like to do?

Most of us have a small idea of what we would like to do in life, but few times do we follow those small signs that come to us.

It is important to try and follow it and to ask ourselves if it is really what our spirit requires, what our inner being requires.

But if we do not feel that we should do something spiritual as a mission in this life, but rather a singer or an accountant, can it equally fulfill the spirit?

The reality is that it can be done in anything that we feel that we can and must do, even if it does not have under our perception something spiritual to it, it will always contain God.

Even if your work is not focused to help others, it will always be helping others, as much contradictory as it may seem.

For example, if you want to paint and you feel you do not give anything, maybe you are putting your heart and keys that maybe consciously you are not going to know, but whoever sees that painting they will feel a reflection of what they can do.

In any profession you are going to give something to others, as long as you do it with your heart that is what is going to define that special touch.     

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation



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