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The awareness of our egos

The awareness of our egos

The egos of each of us are the ones that are guilty of the majority of our tragedies, because they are the ones in charge of making us deviate from our true path, from our true life

Maybe we all understand what an ego is, but I am sure that most of us do not have the awareness of what they really are.

Every negative action or reaction towards a specific situation in which we feel assaulted is an ego, because before adverse circumstances we should respond only with the dictation of our heart, which will always be positive.

The egos of each of us are the ones guilty of the majority of our tragedies, because they are the ones in charge of making us deviate from our true path, from our true life.

Pride, vanity, jealousy, laziness, greed, etc., Those are just some of the egos that most of us have very strengthened, and that make us act in a very selfish way with everything that is around us, besides it limits our true positive actions.

The ego against God

The wars that today and that always have occurred have been provoked by the great egos of their head leaders; this is why all the wars are absurd and incoherent, because given their high level of self-centeredness they are capable of driving people towards death and destruction.

Those who believe that they have reason on their side because of their levels of education and their scientific theories, but that they are incapable of opening their mind and capability of knowledge, then they will be driven away only by their egos. This ego is capable of controlling them in such a way that they are able of making them deny the obvious.

In this way, there are people that only for the fact of feeling themselves self-sufficient they have come to deny the existence of God, how is it possible for our vanity to be so big like to be able to reject the existence of our own Father? We only need to look around, because in each step He is at our side, guiding our steps and giving us His magnificence.

Our biggest ego is to believe that we know everything and that we can prove it by means of calculations and theories. We believe we understand everything, as long as it is based in what is scientific and physical, because we do not accept what was not created or thought by us.

The main security of the man is to think that he can explain everything, that each thing in this plane can be manipulated by him and to deny everything that does not have a clear answer or that cannot be controlled in an absolute way.

Towards happiness

If we are able to understand where our egos have driven us to throughout time, then we are going to be able to identify that the majority of our negative reactions are generated due to the presence of them.

We must believe in the true need of dispossessing ourselves from them forever, to stop their domination over us and to be responsible of our actions.

We have to stop feeling that we need to defend ourselves from imaginary enemies, of being always in a defensive mode in every situation.

They are truly the only enemies that prevent us from finding and taking the true path towards our happiness.   

How to eliminate our egos?

·          The first step for the elimination of our egos is to have complete awareness of their existence, to accept within ourselves that we are ruled by them and to feel the need to liberate ourselves from their mandate forever.

·          The next step is to try to find the ones that we have more strengthened and to locate them behind the emotions where they hide, and then we have to trap them and take them out of us.

·          The third step will be once we have expelled them, once we have kept an eye on our actions so that we do not let them come again to dominate and penetrate us. 

How to locate them in our being?

·          When we go to sleep, and we lay down we have to try to evoke each action we had during the day.

·          We have to search even in the things that seem too little, because it is there where the egos hide, in this way we will have complete awareness of our actions, with which we will see what actions were dominated by egos.

·          We have to try to evaluate ourselves, to feel in our heart if our actions were ruled by our heart of by an ego, but we must be as honest as possible.

·          Each of us must be aware of our behavior and find that which has driven us to act in a way that is wrong and opposite to the will of our Father God.  

The great help of meditation

The most efficient way to know which our egos are is through meditation. In this way we can ask our body to indicate us which are the most profound ones.

Meditation is the most effective procedure to locate them, because it is the encounter with our inner being, with our spirit, with our true self, it is the way to establish a direct communication with our heart.

It is probable that when we are meditating to search egos, we cannot find the proper conditions to achieve maximum concentration, but this will not be due to external factors. It is about the egos which will try at all cost to distract us, to deviate us from our objective.

Our egos are very witty and do not wish to abandon our body, but we must have enough strength to achieve to maintain ourselves firmly before them and to not let ourselves be dominated. 

It will be necessary to continue with the meditation as many times as needed until we are completely secure that we won the battle to dispossess ourselves from them.

After this we must maintain our rhythm of meditations to achieve the awareness in our actions and to stop being dominated by our egos forever.

We must consider that they are going to try to win the battle at all cost, to distract us, drive us to despair; we must be very firm, because what we will win by throwing them our will be the liberty of acting with and in accordance with our heart.

Then we are going to be able to establish a true bridge of Love and Brotherhood with all what is around us, and consequently, we will be able to transform all our environment until getting to change our world and guide ourselves only by our heart and its laws which are love and happiness.

Decree to dispossess ourselves from egos

“I do not want inside of me any kind of ego or feeling which has not come from my heart and its laws; in my physical and in my spiritual body only has to dominate the love that from my heart comes out to guide me towards the liberation of my true essence which is compounded by God and Love.

“I ordain all the egos that are found within me to expel from my body and spirit forever”.

This decree must be said as many times as possible in a day and of course to use it in meditations and reflections, because it has a huge power for the expel of the egos.  

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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