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A Paradise Awaits Us

A Paradise Awaits Us

Paradise belongs to those who have learned to live in love, harmony, coexistence, respect and everything that is essential to become the likeness and pride of God

The paradise that we so much yearn for is in our hands, in our attitudes or in the way we behave in life.

What we must never forget is that we are the only ones that can make from our world a paradise.

Paradise is for those who have learned to live in love, harmony, coexistence, respect and everything that is essential to become the likeness and pride of God.

Many of us wrongly think that when we die we will get to paradise if we have done good actions, but our true mission is to make that paradise here, in the place where we live.

One of our missions in this place is to build that paradise here, to make with our love and will the paradise of transforming our lives.

Other worlds, located in other levels, can be considered as paradises, but not by the place where they are found, but rather by their inhabitants.

They are the ones responsible for these places to be perfect, of being sources of energy and love.

All this has been achieved by them thanks to the brotherhood that is generated and promoted by them.

Brotherhood, a path towards the universe

Brotherhood is something very important to be able to achieve a better communication and unity with each one of our companions of this world.

It is transcendental for all of the inhabitants of this Earth to be part of the brotherhood and, above all, to include the four elements in it, so that when we unite with them we can be able to combine our energy with theirs and be able to have more strength.

By means of this union we will achieve to purify our energy and our bodies, we will feel a change or cleanness in our energy that will transform our way of feeling.

We seek the same

Another way to conform the brotherhood is to be sensitive before what is found around us, to think in what we long for and to know that this same thing that we seek, the other person that is coming across our way seeks for the same thing as well.

In this same way, what we suffer before something unpleasant, any other feels the same. Then, why do we have that selfishness if we all seek the same?

We are all after happiness, even the people that commit a crime are looking for a way to be happy and to be well, although they fall into the wrongness of hurting others.

We must try to give love not only to those who love us, but rather also to those who treat us badly, because they are the ones who need it most.

To give this kind of love will take us through the path of happiness, not the personal one, but rather the true happiness of brotherhood.

It is real and possible

We may think that a change so great is impossible, but it is not, anything that we may feel with our heart, as unreal as it may seem it is not.

If centuries ago someone would have speak about the images that move in a box, in this case the television, nobody would have believed it possible and now it is a reality because someone believed he could do it.

With this we can have the certainty that we will achieve anything that we set our mind to and, how difficult can be to give love and, consequently, to receive it?

To turn this world into a brotherhood paradise we do not have to go to the university or to use calculus, not even to dedicate a special time to it; we only have to guide our life towards happiness.

We must advance together with the ones that also seek to be happy, we all already have the love within, we just need to make it go out of its confinement and to set it free.

And so, in the same way that a butterfly does it will go and pose itself on each one of the beautiful flowers of God, which are us.   

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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Flora Rocha

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