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Love… the celebration

True Love does not harm, but it does help. True Love transforms and does NOT destroy. Love is a true gift from the universe, from God

One of the few or rather the only celebration for Love has just past. Even though a legend about Saint Valentine exists, that is not precisely what keeps this special day alive.

From the moment we decided follow it, we have created a special day for Love, without mattering which is the source of the true meaning of this tradition. It is no longer important to know where if started or why, the only thing that is attractive id to live it.

For our Earth, it is very important to be able to remember at least for one day, that Love is the strongest energy and that it is the first great joy of a being. The several manifestations of this beautiful feeling are found in ALL the people of this beautiful planet, as well as in each element that is around us.

The reason to live

There is nobody who is not surrounded with this sublime energy, although of course there are people who deny themselves to live and to allow the feeling that they need from this immense joy which gives Love.

Not even those who consider themselves little fortunate with relationships regarding couple, family and friends, live away from Love. EVERYONE, absolutely EVERYONE lives and vibrates within this infinite energy of Love.

Even someone that lives isolated feels love for his little possession or for his own life; or that person who thinks that they are only within dowdy parameters, that person also feels Love, not mattering which society level, but he feels it towards someone or something; even if denial makes him think that he is found free from that feeling.

However, the fact of living in a conscious or unconscious way in this infinite feeling is maybe what, up until today, keeps us alive in this hurt planet.

Why is this possible? Because the energy we generate each time we let ourselves get taken by Love (towards family, couple, friends, pets, nature, etc.) is so big, so sublime and infinite, that it travels at an unbelievable speed, like a great lightning bolt towards our planet and spreads at its step, little sparkles of Love that, as lovely seeds, will be deposited around our Mother Earth.

It is something similar to our prayers, which travel and get where they are needed the most to protect those who most require it.

The importance of the celebration of February the 14th is based mainly on the fact that we can be aware that Love is the engine of our life and the reason of our existence.  

Day after day we must live within Him and with Him, because with this we are helping ourselves to fulfill our own mission as universal beings and as sons of this Mother Earth.

In addition, we will be using our Heart in the right way and we will nurture it with the Love that we give to it and that we equally receive when we give.

We must remember that this interaction with the energies is what we offer as a gift to our planet, as well as to each of its inhabitants, with which we all put a part of us to preserve the brilliant splendor on the universe.

The Love transformations

Unfortunately, in our current society we have transformed in a terrible way the manifestation and definition of Love.

The effort that we now put in our daily life is destined to cover partially what is the Love when we try to feed and provide our family with what we believe is most important: home, food, clothes, etc.

But during this process we forget a vital part, or at least one of the most essential ones, to provide our family and our environment with Love, manifested through affection.

When we hug a loved one and we express to him how important he is in our life day after day, it is the best ritual that can ever exist. In addition, we also help with this our own energy to vibrate in a higher frequency, which also helps our nervous system and our blood.  

But VERY IMPORTANT, it’s not enough to love and only for you to know it, your environment needs to know it, your loved ones, to talk about it, to show it is a way of living it and of living fully as the creation of Love that we are.

A feminine feeling?

Throughout the centuries we have taken a way of division of Love which is a little strange. For many, to express love is more related with the feminine side, because men have believed that loving too much, or especially showing Love, is against their manhood.

Others come to believe that it is too corny to say, I love you infinitely! (This should be the way to say, I love you! Because Love is always infinite), with which they deny themselves to feel and live with more happiness for the sole fact of not liberating their feelings.

But this is not only for men; now that women have decided to copy many attitudes from men we have fallen into this as well, maybe because when we were little we held back from expressing our feelings, or because someone hurt us profoundly and we preferred to shut the door to the manifestations of Love.

Whichever reason it may be, we are truly missing from something wonderful when we deprive ourselves, our family, our environment and God from this limitless Love that has no restrictions.

There is no gender for Love or a limit for it. True Love is the one that DOES NOT harm, but it does help. True Love transforms and DOES NOT destroy. Love is a true gift from the universe, from God, who can refuse to show something so infinite and beautiful that has been given to us since the moment our Heart was given to us?

With each manifestation and expression we donate what is most sacred, which comes in return in the same way. Each energy of Love manifested, and that in this way liberated, becomes the sparkles that -as I said before-, will travel and arrive to blossom in the heart of someone that maybe has forgotten the meaning of Love. 

They love us too much

A clear manifestation of the Love that the universe has for us is the presence of the Brothers that visit us and help us since many millenniums ago.

They do not hesitate in showing it with their presence and they wish to be able to manifest it more widely, however, we have denied that permission to them, by stubbornly decide to live in energy frequencies that are too low, too far away from the high frequencies of Love.

Even so, they consider that we have a great capability to love, even when we have refused to show it to Them; and of course this is understandable, because if the majority of times we have limited our Love even to our own loved ones, then it will be even more in the case of our neighbors of the universe.

We must not fear then, to express our Love, we must not let the manifestations of our mind to limit us in something that we have a right to live.

Let us remember that in this way we are helping our planet to survive and ourselves to live in a better way, in connection with the “Infinite Expression”.

Let us not forget ever that the manifestation of Love is found infinitely given in each thing, it does not matter how big or small it is, it is loaded with the Love of our Creator. We are a part of Him, we cannot deny anymore what we are in reality: Beings created with and by Love.     

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation



A Thought for the Day...

“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

of Love and Hope without

limits, without fears,

only Love

Flora Rocha

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