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The Magical World of the Element

The Magical World of the Elements

The representatives of the four elements are everywhere, although each one of them live in the most extraordinary places that we can imagine

Whenever we want to communicate with our Angels, to get in touch with our inner being or make a prayer, the usage of the energy from the four elements will be the key that will open those doors.

These beautiful beings of the universe are very important in our life because we are a fifth element at the moment that we reach a balance with them.

To say that we are the fifth element translates itself into a behavior of love, happiness and to act with all that is positive to create one more element of power and strength in conjunction with the other four that already are inside of us.

Water, earth, fire and wind are the base of life, but not only in a physical level, but also in the spiritual one, level in which they are useful as guidance and protection.

And so, when we summon them they unite and create something like a pyramid to protect us from anything that wants to harm us.

This is why it’s important that if we feel something negative or if someone sends us a bad energy then we should summon them so they can surround us.

The Subtleness of Wind

The air lives inside of us when we take oxygen, but it’s also an energy that we have around our body and that it is known as aura.

The energy of wind in the planet is very subtle, it is one of the most elevated that can exist, and it enters our body when we summon it and it helps our energy to active more and for our vibration to rise.

Whenever we wish to call the elements of wind we can do it through incense, which acts over us making our energy subtler.

Because our energy most of the time is dense, when we absorb the energy of the incense, ours becomes subtler and helps it to circulate better in our body.

It’s just like when we receive a massage that stimulates our blood circulation and it becomes quicker.

In general the elements of wind are represented as beings with wings, like butterflies and birds that are part of that energy.

But there are other elementals that are beings of a higher vibration that live among us, although we aren’t used to see them.

If we were accustomed to observe the energy of things we would see these beautiful beings that generally don’t have wings, but rather energy so big that helps them fly through the air.

Precisely that luminous energy that transports them is the one we pull when we call them by means of the incense.

These elements inhabit in the trees, overall in places where there are no electricity posts or nearby homes.

Also we can find them in flowers, where they get camouflaged with the dragonfly because of the energy they glitter.

Most of us have seen sparkles of light in countryside or in the woods and we don’t pay attention to it because we think it is an illusion, but in reality it is them.

The closest look alike to these elements is the humming bird, which have a vibration similar to these beings.

It's important that each of us can sit to call them, so in some moment we may be able to distinguish as well flying over a plant.

A way to summon them in our home is to put in our garden water and a quartz crystal that functions as food for them and in addition it gives a beautiful energy to our home.

From the Depth of the Earth

The elementals of earth are physically similar to us, although they live in subterraneous worlds different from ours.

They live in fabulous places and their existence is one of the ways in which this planet can have its center balanced.  

Those internal worlds are truly magical and beautiful, just as their inhabitants, who work hard to give balance to the planet. Their immense cities are located in the center of Earth and some are made of quartz crystal.

There are many accesses to get to them, unfortunately they are not open to us because the vibrations that reside there are totally different from ours.

On the other hand our ancestors were able to go inside and they could even pick up the rocks or minerals they needed for their constructions or protection.

For them they were open because they lived in a complete communion with nature and because they had a huge respect for everything that surrounded them.

But when everything went by other ways, when the respect for nature was lost, these worlds closed automatically.

The beings that live there just as the elementals, are Masters that have missions to accomplish also out of the center of the Earth, because they help and guide us to continue life in this place.

Although once in a while they come out and they contact with indigenous peoples or tribes, with whom they live in communion. They come and teach them how to handle energy to give more balance to the world.

In our case, when we call these beings of Earth, being part of this planet, we receive the energy they send us and helps as protection and to clean our energy.

Each one of us can experiment this with prayers or meditations; we could summon them and ask permission to come inside their worlds, or at least to feel that they are here, that they are not a tale, but rather as real as we are.

It is vital to unite with them and talk, make them see that we feel them and that we want to meet them to receive their energy in a more conscious way.

We could obtain that journey and magical contact if we unite to them using the crystals or we can also use plants.

In regard to this, it is important to remember that every plant is a living being that also has a spirit, its real essence which is wonderful.

Fire that doesn’t burn

The elementals of fire also have their home inside the Earth, in worlds where there is no heat like we think, but rather they are cities of a great force.

They are beings of beautiful energy that help this planet and each one of the living beings so we can have that fire within us.

Fire is one of the elements that help us best to activate our energy, to finish with the bad and to bring out that strength to achieve what we wish for.

That’s why it was highly valued by our ancestors of Mesoamerica, who used the "temazcal" like a magical journey in which we could reach the depth of our being and of our universe.

Our ancestors also made rituals around the fire for all that it gave them and helped them to transmute.

A person that works with fire or that has the habit to be near it, has well activated its energy centers and will acquire extra sensitivity by means of the inner strength that this element gives him.

To have contact with fire when being in meditation or prayer we can use a candle and we can even carefully touch it because it's one of the greatest forces we can communicate with in a faster way.

And so, we could immediately travel inside ourselves and enter into a world of complete power that will nourish us in all levels.

Water Equals Life

The elements of water always have had much to do with purification, as our forefathers saw them, besides of meaning life for us and for the universe.

Their members are in each drop, just as in the rivers and creeks, but the biggest cities are in the sea.

This is why sea animals have a level of evolution greatly elevated, like dolphins and whales, which are the beings that have more to do with us as people.

Truthfully all animals are sacred, but some sea mammals have energy too high and special that helps us in our own energies.

They do magical rituals for the good of this planet in conjunction with the beings that live in the surface, to give balance to our Mother Earth.

They beings of water have a language, the chants with which they communicate, which has a vibration so high that when we hear it, it activates all of our energy and acts over our physical and astral body.

Moreover, we establish a communication with them that we don’t consciously detect, but in another level they inform us of several important subjects for the planet and for us as persons.

Lobsters are another of the inhabitants of the reign of water that are sacred and guides of the marine worlds, and if we don’t believe it, we may be able to feel it.

A proof is to touch them, pass our hand seven times, then we will perceive an energy that enters our body and we absorb it, they are like vitamins, only that they can’t give them to us if we eat them.

The Government knows

We should be conscious that thanks to the elements this planet has a normal life, but unfortunately these beings are fighting a lot against a big negative force that we have used against them.

The four elements have been affected greatly by technology and weapons, which have harmed them in a very horrible way.

In the entrails of Earth, 50% of these cities have been destroyed by man, mainly by the representatives of some governments.

They know of the existence of these beings because they have in their hands information of great importance about what our planet really is. But they conserve it in their power to act freely without having to justify their actions.

They’ve tried to go in to these sacred worlds, they have met these Masters of the four elements that have gone to speak to the governments of most power to say to them to stop what they are doing against Mother Earth, which feels just as any of us.

The elements and the Masters have come out to tell them how they are effecting by their insistence of obtaining "wealth" from those cities, what they don’t understand is that they’ll never get there if they go with that intention.


They change fury for Love

Fury for the elementals simply doesn’t exist, and when a natural disaster occurs is because they are acting in the way we have pushed them to.

They are beings of great wisdom that would never send us an earthquake, hurricane or a tsunami to kill us.

What happens is that we are showing them a way of life and not only as an example, we are contaminating them in an energy level.

This is why the more we violate nature, the more they will be out of control.

The Masters are very worried because many of these cities have died, because we have destroyed what helped to give balance to the planet.

We don’t have to do directly with this destruction, but we can help if we get closer to them, if we give them our strength and we let them see that we know they live, that we feel they are here and that we want to offer our respect, love and support so they can have the strength to keep on fighting.

We also help these elementals if we do something to know ourselves more, to generate more love for others and towards them (the elementals).

This is the only way we can act, summoning the elements, taking them in consideration in our lives, this way we will give them so much support that a change will be possible to be achieved.

But each one of us must prove that what’s been said here is true, because we can all verify it and we will realize with our heart which is the reality of the planet.

For this, we must try to feel the elements and identify if we want to dedicate to them our love and a little of our time, because they love us and give everything for us in each second.  

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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