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The Magic of Water

The Magic of Water

Is water only one more state of matter or is it another world as beautiful and wonderful as ours? With a little bit of sensitivity we can all find out the answer to this question.

The human body is composed mainly by water. This vital element, within its frame work, makes it possible for our body to function well. Most of us know about the importance that water has, but there is also other aspect generally not known.

But in order to get to it, we should ask ourselves this first: “Is water only one more state of matter or is it another world as wonderful and beautiful as ours?

 To answer this question, we have to approach this element with our opened heart; feeling the freshness and energy that emanates from it. It is only in this way that this energy will be able to get deep inside of us to answer all our questions.

Our water element has inside “him” a magic world; a world that we could enter if it was our heart who leads our life.  

As real as in fairy tales

In this beautiful world of water we can find beings that live, feel and vibrate as much or more than we do. These lovely brothers have different kind of manifestations. It is even common to see them in energetically clean places like in countryside or beaches without us considering them as water elements.

It is common to find old stories or tales talking about these little brothers. An example of this would be the mermaids, which are well known by us through mythology. But it is time to realize they are real.   

We just have to remember the kind of life our ancestors had. They had a complete respect for the four elements. In this case, water was honored and worshipped with love, but not fanaticism because they knew very well that the coexistence of love with these little brothers would bring happiness and fullness to their lives.

A clear and conscious communication existed between them, in which they gave each other love and wisdom.

Nowadays, our Masters and guides seek for us to know this reality found in nature, the universe and God.

We have very much in common

The beautiful and imposing sea is one of those worlds of the elementals. The sea inhabitants we know like the sea fauna are part of these elemental beings of the water. But this is just a small portion of the abundant life of that place.    

The physical shape of sea animals could make us think we are not alike. For example, we could think we have not much in common with dolphins regarding intelligence or feelings.

But those who study these mammals have concluded they are as intelligent as humans or even more. In addition, they also have seen dolphins having their own way of communication and that they are capable to feel as we do.

The manifestation of life from water is as extensive as the places where it is located like rivers, lakes, creeks and seas where elementals hope for us to open our heart to them to communicate with us.

But for this entrance to those worlds to be possible we have to start believing in them, we have to start communicating with them and sending them love. It is not required to be in the sea or close to a river to do it, with only having or feeling in your hands the essence and energy that water contains, we can start to perceive consciously everything that comes from this element.

Doing so will let us see how the energy that comes from water will get into our body, leaving a peaceful sensation that the heart will receive and it will tell us if that liquid is something much greater than water. You could verify if this magic is real only by doing it.  

Flora Rocha
Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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Flora Rocha

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