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Our planet is going through one Documento sin título

Our planet is going through one of its worst crisis where lack of Love and the insecurity towards our future is something that we experiment day by day. This is why we need to fight with our heart and unite our forces as brothers to revoke the damage caused to our environment and to humanity.


To restore the confidence in ourselves and to retrieve Faith is one of the missions of Wisdom of the Heart, which is at the same time only the reflection of Love of those beings that have always been close to us. They are trying to help us find our true essence through clear signs sent to our heart. And their presence is just as undeniable as their infinite Love and sacrifice for us.


We should know that this site will take us towards real magic, to our real nature, and that for this journey we only need to use feelings and let the mind allow us to feel and live what for many is a fantasy. Because if fantasy is all what is beautiful just as those things that nourish the spirit and praise Faith, then all of this is as well…

The Wisdom that exists within each of us is full of infinitely marvellous things; moreover, it contains an immense force that will help us restore the lost Faith in ourselves and to understand Love. By achieving our loving capability to become each time greater we will also be able to start a process of change towards what surrounds us, which will be translated in a change for humanity itself.


Be welcome then, to this beautiful recognition of our Wisdom in which we will understand Love and the strength that we are capable of generating to achieve that our humanity reencounters its real essence as well as the infinite path of Love. Without any doubt this will take us out of the crisis in which the societies of this planet are submerged, as well as to finally achieve to open the gates to the Infinite Universe…

 Flora Rocha

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

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The Mysteries of Life is the title of the new book of Flora Rocha, the founder of Wisdom of the Heart, which has came out, edited by PNL Ediciones.

Some of the subjects presented by Rocha are: The acknowledgement of our ancient roots, The UFO phenomena, a reality that has to concern us?, Did Atlantis or other civilizations that are not yet known really existed?, The reality behind the ancient rock art...


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Overcome the Fear


We just need to defeat that shadow that does not exist, that is only an illusion, because the only thing is real is the infinite Universe

Fear limits us much more than we think. The fear to ourselves, the fear to countless things that only prevents in a decisive manner the steps that we must take in the search for our answers and concerns. The life of many people has ended without being able to take those steps towards the happiness and the understanding of what our mission is...


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Wonders of Nature


"Nature offers us each day spectacles of enormous beauty which when they are appreciated and cherished by humans, it helps to cause an energy change in our body that can modify our day", Flora Rocha

 Our world is full of wonders, wonders that are almost completely ignored but that live and exist within the most beautiful corners of Earth.

This beautiful planet is not only what we see, it is much more than we imagine...

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Why do we get sick?

It all starts due to an imbalance in our energies, our astral body and in our physical body, as with the imbalance that surrounds us...

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A Thought for the Day...

“The beautiful face of

a child is the expression

of Love and Hope without

limits, without fears,

only Love

Flora Rocha

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